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Glenn Hubert's personal music repertoire speaks for the diversity in his productions styles.  From the melodic spa pieces in his RiverScapes series; and other music and nature projects, Morning Meadow; Spring Awakenings; and Moonlit Paddle on Wolf Lake..  To the "eclectic" instrumentals in his "Sensonic TravelPod" projects.

Recently, Glenn has been focussing his time on working with Binaural Beats and Solfeggio tones.  After researching their beneficial health affects, and the science behind them, Glenn has produced 15 CDs of Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Tones including, the "Gift of Music", "Healing Time" and "Awakened Meditation".

The sounds of nature that you hear in Glenn's productions, were recorded by him in the wilderness of Northern Ontario, Canada.
RiverScapes 1
Musician, producer and nature enthusiast.
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Spring Awakenings
ChillZone II
ChillZone I
Moonlit Paddle
Morning Meadow
.The Gift of Sleep
Healing Time
Keep Alert
Awakened Meditation
ChillZone V
ChillZone IV
ChillZone III
Morning Meadow
Flight of the Spirit
Midnight Fire on Loon Lake
Copying and Moving a Part of a Track in Audacity
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Producer / Musician, Glenn Hubert has been involved in the music industry spanning over 35 years as a recording studio owner/operator and engineer/producer.

Throughout his career, Glenn has experienced the changes in the Music Industry and in the Market, from vinyl records (45's and LP's) to cassettes to CD's, and digital.  Glenn willingly shares his experience with those who aspire to improve their craft, recording, and production skills.

Included in Glenn's resume is a long list of audio production skills, including many years as a recording engineer, producing records, tapes, CD's for bands and recording artisits; doing jingles and radio production work.  He's also supplied sound for live shows, jazz and country music festivals, and Theatre.

Glenn has also designed and built a few recording studios.  Not only has he produced hundreds of CD projects, commercials and jingles for clients, and artists, but as a musician he's self produced 5 albums under the Sensonic Travelpod ............ music and nature albums, binaural beats, and other music variety.

Glenn's attention to detail, and music expertise, and editing skills have given him the reputation of being able to deliver a quality product and service in time, and under pressure. 

Whatever your audio creation, editing or mixing job, you can leave it in Glenn's hands with confidence that he will get the job done to your satisfaction.
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Sensonic Travelpod
Music and Nature
Binaural Beats &
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