Musician, Music Producer & Nature Field Recordist

Glenn Hubert

After working in the music business as a producer and musician for over 30 years, Glenn Hubert's passion for nature drew him to field recording in the remote wilderness of Ontario, Canada, including the Georgian Bay Biosphere and Algonquin Provincial Park areas in Northern Ontario, Canada.

His attention to detail, and desire to capture pristine recordings of undisturbed natural habitats has resulted in unique wonderful recordings of natural wilderness areas which are disappearing as the human population expands.Combining his music talents with his wilderness recordings, Glenn Hubert has created over twenty albums of "Music & Nature" and "Wilderness SoundScapes".

The "Algonquin Park Wilderness Series" features the iconic calls of the Common Loon and the Eastern Grey Wolf, in the albums, "The Loons of Algonquin", and "The Wolves of Algonquin. A welcomed addition to any nature lover's audio library.

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Glenn Hubert's personal music repertoire speaks for the diversity in his productions styles.  From the melodic spa pieces in his RiverScapes series; and other music and nature projects, Morning Meadow; Spring Awakenings; and Moonlit Paddle on Wolf Lake..  To the "eclectic" instrumentals in his "Sensonic TravelPod" projects.

Recently Glenn has been focussing his efforts on his nature field recordings in The Almaguin Highlands area near Algonquin Provincial Park, North Central Ontario, Canada.
"Music & Nature in Harmony"
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